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30.09 - 06.10.2012

Astrochemistry School



Welcome to the web page of the third Sardinian Summer School of Astrophysics. The School, organized by the INAF-Osservatorio Astronomico di Cagliari with the Italian Space Agency, is funded by the Sardinian Regional Council.

30 September - 06 October 2012.
Astrochemistry: the astronomer's Survival Kit

The third Sardinian Summer School in Astrophysics is devoted to the research field of ASTROCHEMISTRY. The aim of the school is to provide the students with the theoretical, esperimental and observational basis of this multidisciplinary field, showing the important role of chemistry in the Galaxy and in the Universe evolution.
Astrochemistry In particular, the school will focus on astrochemistry tools and techniques, using as a sample their applications to specific astronomical environments, from interstellar clouds to star forming regions to protoplanetary disks.

Lectures and hands on activities are planned at the Parco Tecnologico della Sardegna, (Sardinia's Technology Park) near Pula (CA), from October 1 to 6.

Note: the deadline for registration has been postponed to 30 June!

The registration of partecipants will occur on Sunday, 30 September.


Detailed info on the school and a more detailed program will soon be posted on this web page.

Students from abroad can apply for financial grants.

For any query, please contact the address: astrochem2012 AT